All About HYE JANE

HYE JANE was founded by Jane Hong. The name HYE JANE is a hybrid of her Korean and American names, Hye Yun (pronouced Hey-yoon) and Jane. Jane is a first generation Korean-American. She was inspired to create a collection that celebrates identity as a collective life experience. HYE JANE begins with foundational elements intended to be layered and built over time--just like us! Milestones, achievements, and reflections of our passionate pastimes enable us to grow and exist as individuals within powerful communities. Each piece from HYE JANE bridges tangible nostalgia with contemporary allure. A timeless reflection of life’s journey: past, present and future. 

All About Jane

Jane is a NYC designer with over two decades of design experience (David Yurman, CAST, Marc Jacobs to name a few). She believes jewelry should be an expression of your journey in life and most importantly make you feel confident and beautiful. She currently resides in Verona, NJ.

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